Our Services

We are an independent life planning and wealth counsel firm integrating your money and your life with an attitude of gratitude.

We are completely Fee-for-Service

  • We sell no products for a commission
  • We do not pay referral fees
  • We do not accept referral fees

We do not charge for an initial interview.

How are we compensated for the life planning and asset management services we offer?

We believe that financial planning is so fundamental to the asset management process that we have bundled the two services. We offer both financial planning and asset management services for which we bill an asset management fee based on a percentage of Assets Under Management (AUM).

The minimum quarterly fee is $1,250 (annual $5,000). The minimum AUM is $500,000

The annual fee is as follows:

  • Assets below one million = 1.00%
  • Assets between one and three million = 0.85%
  • Assets between three and five million = 0.70%
  • Assets over five million = Negotiable

For a description of our fees and required disclosures, please see our disclosure document (ADV Part 2).

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to set up an initial interview.