Our Ideal Client

If you see yourself in 10 or more of these, you are probably a good fit

Our Ideal Client recognizes that it is easier to stay healthy than to get healthy and as such realizes getting financially organized takes a good deal of time up front, but in the long run saves time, reduces costs, avoids hassles, reduces risks, integrates and connects the many moving parts of money and life (taxes, insurance, wills, trusts, investments, etc.), reduces anxiety, promotes wellness and frees up the client’s time and energy for more important things in life, such as family, friends and personal fulfillment.

Our Ideal Client is a delegator and desires to use their time for other endeavors in life that are more rewarding than managing their portfolio, voting proxies, reading annual stock or fund reports, researching market conditions, determining appropriate investment allocations, harvesting losses, determining when to take gains, building out tax-efficient strategies to take distributions in retirement, and determining on an ongoing basis whether the current spending and future spending will put the client at risk of running out of money before they run out of life.

Our Ideal Clients value the benefits of personal financial planning and appreciate the integration of advice and guidance as it relates to their own personal and financial life goals. Studies have shown that those who continuously collaborate with a Certified Financial Planner™ professional experience less stress and anxiety (personal, professional and financial), enjoy better health and well-being and accumulate at least 3 times more capital than those who call themselves “do-it-yourselfers.”

Our Ideal Client is someone who values professional advice, counsel and guidance. Our Ideal Client recognizes his or her own weaknesses and realizes they are not experts in everything. They value having a back office support system in the form of a personal financial planning and investment advisory firm to assist with managing all the intricacies of account maintenance and management. They value the quarterly reporting and the ability to reach and promptly receive assistance. They value the ability to call and actually speak to a human being and not a robotic teleprompt system.

Our Ideal Clients don’t have a mega-rich attitude. Our Ideal Client worked hard in their pre-retirement years and over the years established strong working relationships with their advisors (CFP®, CPA, JD and insurance specialists, etc.). In pre-retirement, they consistently spend less than they earn, save more than they need, and strive for balance in their lives.

Ideal Clients seeking our care, skill and judgement are wanting and needing a roadmap and help creating a financially healthy balance in life. Some require a form of financial therapy and clarity regarding their relationship with money, family members, spending and differences in money styles between spouses. Still others want to make sure that their spouse and/or children will be taken care of when they die. For many clients, we serve as part of their financial life succession plan.

Our Ideal Client is someone who cares that the advisory team actually cares about them and is their advocate to help them succeed in attaining their personal and professional goals in life.

Our Ideal Client is someone who is ready, willing and able to be proactively engaged with their advisory team and recognizes that open and frequent communication is the key to ensuring the advisory team knows and understands their specific needs, goals and concerns.

Our Ideal Client wants a collaborative approach and values the idea of a lay advisory board. A lay advisory board is similar to a board of directors:

  • Clients have the makings of a lay advisory board. The board includes their property and casualty insurance agent, health, disability, long-term care and life insurance specialists, tax preparer, attorney, mortgage specialist, business advisors/consultants, personal financial planner, and investment advisors and/or brokers.

Our Ideal Clients recognize the value of being informed and want to know what they need to know, and come to us because they have grown tired of the advisor who tells them what s/he thinks they want to hear so s/he can make a sale.

Our Ideal Client seeks personal and/or professional growth and recognizes the need for contemplative reflection on what is most important in their lives and to explore different approaches to achieve their goals. In other words, they value “measuring twice or thrice” and cutting once.

Our Ideal Clients agree with the statement: “Anything truly worthwhile requires time, authenticity, a sustained effort, and there is nothing the planner can do which will overcome what the client will not do for themselves.”

Our Ideal Clients value relationships and are not interested in wasting their time and energy chasing the absolute “best deal” of the day, week, month or year. Rather, they recognize the benefits of patience and consistency. They recognize that true wealth requires realistic financial life goals and rarely do these goals require high risk in return for the potential of market beating returns. In fact, our Ideal Clients don’t want to beat the market. What they want is to achieve their goals in life and not feel stressed out about the markets or their money. Our Ideal Client appreciates the concept that true wealth is a great deal more than money.

Our Ideal Clients seek more than just “the numbers” in a plan or portfolio. They value a holistic approach and often times seek counsel on careers, major purchases or expenses, raising financially responsible children, dealing with unexpected health events, changes in tax laws, and issues of death and dying.

Our Ideal Clients recognize the dynamic and growing needs resulting from an ever more complex world and value and want assistance in getting things done. Our Ideal Clients recognize they have neither the time nor talent to do it all themselves and that without help, many of the most important things that need to be done get pushed to the back burner and never get done, until it is either too late or a crisis occurs.

Our Ideal Clients appreciate the idea that the “devil is in the details” and value the benefits of having a trusted advisory team to ensure their financial house is truly in order.

Our Ideal Clients value transparency and a fiduciary standard of care. They recognize that a fair fee is one that is willingly paid and accepted with neither party losing gratitude. They also recognize that “TRUST and Peace of Mind” has a value and they can sleep well at night knowing that as a trusted fiduciary we hold their interests above our own. Our Ideal Clients will always have our best efforts on their behalf.

We believe that life is too short to work with people you do not enjoy. Hence, our Ideal Clients are generally nice people who see themselves as nice people and also prefer to work with those they enjoy.